Arsen G Khachatryan

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We study the effect of chirp on electromagnetic (EM) pulse interaction with a charged particle. Both the one-dimensional (1D) and 3D cases are considered. It is found that, in contrast to the case of a nonchirped pulse, the charged particle energy can be changed after the interaction with a 1D EM chirped pulse. Different types of chirp and pulse envelopes(More)
Femtosecond electron bunches with ultrarelativistic energies were recently generated by laser wakefield accelerators. Here we predict that laser wakefield acceleration can generate even attosecond bunches, due to a strong chirp of the betatron frequency. We show how the bunch duration scales with the acceleration parameters and that, after acceleration, the(More)
A scheme of laser wakefield acceleration, when a relatively rare and long bunch of nonrelativistic or weakly relativistic electrons is initially in front of the laser pulse, is suggested and considered. The motion of test electrons is studied both in the one-dimensional (1D) case (1D wakefield) and in the case of three-dimensional laser wakefield excited in(More)
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