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Marketing Practices and Their Effects on Firm’s Performance: Findings from Small and Medium Sized Catering and Restaurants in Karachi
Marketing should be called as the competitive edge of every business. Marketing practices are differing from continent to continent, countries to countries, cities to cities and sector to sector inExpand
Determinants Analysis of Customer Switching Behavior in Private Banking Sector of Pakistan
In this competitive retail banking market of Pakistan, customer switching is injurious for every bank. Banking sector reforms and emerging of foreign and domestic private banks with vast range of newExpand
Environmental Pollution: Its Effects on Life and Its Remedies
Environment pollution is a wide-reaching problem and it is likely to influence the health of human populations is great. This paper provides the insight view about the affects of environmentExpand
Religiosity Effects on Employees in SMEs: An Islamic Country Perspective
This study aims to investigate the adaptation of internalization factors and employees’ competitive behavior in small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The empirical findings suggest that theExpand
Social Media Marketing: A Paradigm Shift in Business
This paper is produce to find the internet users preferences for social media marketing. For this purpose, Kierzkowski et al. (1996) study questionnaire’s three segments (attract, engage and retain)Expand
Educational Service Quality at Public Higher Educational Institutions: A Proposed Framework and Importance of the Sub-Dimensions
The objectives of this paper are to propose a conceptual framework for service quality in higher education from the perspective of the students, to identify the importance of the sub-dimensions andExpand
Leadership Styles and Organizational Citizenship Behavior in Small and Medium Scale Firms
The study is conducted to examine the relationship between leadership styles and citizenship behaviour in small and medium scale IT firms operating in Pakistan. The three popular styles of leadershipExpand
Managerial Skills and Organizational Learning in SMEs of Pakistan
The paper is based on the proposed model of Robert Katz (1955) for managerial skills. Further Marquardt (2006) research tool is adopted to test the Jandaghi et al (2009) hypotheses. The objective ofExpand
Marketing Practices of Textile Business and Firm's Performance: A Case of Pakistan
Marketing is necessity of every business. In the context of local textile industry of Pakistan, Ghouri et al. (2011) study has been replicated to find the effects of marketing practices on the firmExpand
Enhancing business performance through green human resource management practices: an empirical evidence from Malaysian manufacturing industry
The purpose of this study is to assess the key determinants of green human resource management (GHRM) and investigate its impact on environmental performance (EP) and business performance (BP).,TheExpand