Arsênio Sales-Peres

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OBJECTIVE This study investigated the prevalence of dental wear in 12-year-old adolescents using a modification of the tooth wear index (TWI). The modifications were proposed in order to fit with the World Health Organization standard, thus allowing application of the index in broad epidemiological surveys. STUDY DESIGN An epidemiological cross-sectional(More)
In published studies, it has been suggested that dental wear is associated with gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). This systematic review was carried out to evaluate the association of GERD, dental erosion, and halitosis and to compare the indices adopted in epidemiological surveys. The Medline database (until October, 2011) was searched systematically(More)
The scope of this study was to identify the prevalence of oral manifestations in HIV+/AIDS patients at the DIA Pediatric Hospital of Maputo. All 90 patients were included in the research. Data on dental caries (dmft/DMFT index), soft tissues and saliva flow were analyzed. Information on diet and hygienic habits was obtained in a semi-structured(More)
OBJECTIVES The impact of oral conditions on quality of life in overweight/obesity needs to be elucidated. The aim of this study was to evaluate the association between dental caries activity, quality of life and obesity in Brazilian adolescents. MATERIALS AND METHODS This study was conducted at public schools in Brazil, on a sample of 202 adolescents, 12(More)
AIMS To compare caries prevalence and severity, as well as the disease distribution in the permanent dentition of 12-year-old schoolchildren in Bauru, Brazil, from 1976 to 2006. METHODS Probabilistic samples were obtained in six surveys, from 1976 to 2006, which were conducted by calibrated examiners, following the same protocol. For data analysis, the(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of arginine and fluoride on the reduction of erosive wear. METHODS Bovine enamel blocks were randomly allocated into four groups (n = 20) and exposed to: ESPR group (8% arginine, 1450 ppm sodium monofluorophosphate, calcium carbonate and titanium dioxide); ESen group (1450 ppm sodium(More)
Prostate cancer represents the most frequent non-cutaneous neoplasia in males. This type of neoplasia can develop peculiar patterns of evolution, presenting, in many cases, precocious relapses and metastasis. Bone metastasis in the mouth is extremely rare, and represents 1% of all malignant mouth neoplasias. The aim of the present study is to report a(More)
The established importance of Forensic Dentistry for human identification, mainly when there is little remaining material to perform such identification (e.g., in fires, explosions, decomposing bodies or skeletonized bodies), has led dentists working with forensic investigation to become more familiar with the new molecular biology techniques. The currently(More)
The aim of this study was to identify the impact of oral disease on the quality of life of morbid obese and normal weight individuals. Cohort was composed of 100 morbid-obese and 50 normal-weight subjects. Dental caries, community periodontal index, gingival bleeding on probing (BOP), calculus, probing pocket depth, clinical attachment level, dental wear,(More)
AIM To assess dental caries prevalence in adolescents at urban and sub-urban areas of Maputo-City, Mozambique and to identify its relationship with dental fluorosis, dental plaque, nutritional status, frequency of sugar consumption and the concentration of fluoride in public water supply. METHODS Subjects (n=601) were randomly selected from five urban(More)