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The wide spread of food outlets has become an environmental and sanitation infrastructure problem, due to Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG). A grease box is used at the industrials facilities to collect the FOG, in a specific time window, while its quality is good for recycling (e.g., biodiesel) and it is economically valuable. After this period, it will be(More)
In this paper it is presented a music application for people with intellectual disabilities, called "Professor Piano". We created this application to be a solution for music education for this group of people. For that we present the development and implementation of the app. We choose the virtual piano and the mobile devices as the basis for our solution.(More)
Introduction ObesiTIC is a project which aims to investigate innovative information and communication technologies resulting in a new ICT tool specifically designed for children and teenagers, in order to acquire healthy lifestyles, promoting physical activity and avoiding health and social problems associated with obesity and overweight. This is achieved(More)