Arry Akhmad Arman

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This paper outlines our efforts in developing Indonesian speech recognition for hearing and speaking impaired people. The lack of speech-enabling technology and research, as well as a shortage of data on the Indonesian language presents a major challenge for us to deal with. Difficulties arise in developing an Indonesian speech corpus since Indonesian is(More)
Part of speech (PoS) is the classification of words according to form, function, and meaning. POS tagging is an important problem and is the first step in natural language processing. POS tagging directly affect the accuracy on the next steps in the processing of natural language like syntax parsing, ambiguity of the word, and machine translation
Open Data become more and more be applied in many organizations, mainly in government agencies. In one side, open data create many benefits for many parties. But, without supporting by strong Data Management and Governance, Open Data can open many new risk holes. Today, many government agencies in Indonesia take benefits of process automation using(More)
To improve the performance of phoneme based Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) in noisy environment; we developed a new technique that could add robustness to clean phonemes features. These robust features are obtained from Complex Wavelet Packet Transform (CWPT) coefficients. Since the CWPT coefficients represent all different frequency bands of the input(More)
The success of electronic learning (e-learning) process is highly determined by the extent of learning motivation that could be identified and measured through a number of methods. This study was designed to identify several attributes used to measure learning motivation in the context of e-learning as a chance of novelty in the domain of information(More)
Today, many Mayor of the city all around the world claim that his city being transform to be Smart City just because they have an ICT-based initiatives for the city. They start from different starting point, and up to today, the perception of smart city is very wide. There are so many definition about Smart City. So, it's not easy to have the same(More)
Nowadays, IT support becomes crucial for an organization, either for National Statistics Office (NSO) which is available in almost every country to provide basic statistical information. UNECE (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe) and UNSD (United Nation Statistics Division) on behalf of the international statistics community, releases four kinds(More)
IT today is not just a tool but it has been an enabler for an enterprise. Enterprise spends budget for IT investment to meet with business's needs which increase every year. One of government institution in Indonesia has spending on IT for each unit in every year. IT used to meet its operational and strategic needs. In order to meet the declaration of the(More)