Arrun Saunders

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– We have built a detector capable of locating high Z objects in the sampling (middle) region of the detector. As atomic number increases, radiation length rapidly decreases, yielding larger variance in scattering angle. Cosmic ray muon tomography works by tracking muons above the sampling region, and tracking them below the region as well. The difference(More)
During Deep Sea Drilling Project-International Program of Ocean Drilling leg 64, December 1978 to January 1979, the initial test of the Deep Sea Drilling Project's hydraulic piston corer obtained an almost undisturbed section from a 152-meter hole into the sediments of the oxygen minimum zone at a depth of 655 meters along the Guaymas slope in the central(More)
A new measurement of the neutron β-decay asymmetry A 0 has been carried out by the UCNA Collaboration using polarized ultracold neutrons (UCNs) from the solid deuterium UCN source at the Los Alamos Neutron Science Center. Improvements in the experiment have led to reductions in both statistical and systematic uncertainties leading to A 0 = −0.11954(55) stat(More)
[1] Historically, computer simulations of the near‐Earth space debris environment have provided a basis for international debris mitigation guidelines and, today, continue to influence international debate on debris environment remediation and active debris removal. Approximately 22,500 objects larger than 10 cm are known to exist in Earth orbit, and less(More)
A patient with a nodular lymphoma morphologically indistinguishable from follicular B-cell lymphoma subsequently developed a diffuse T-cell lymphoma. This T-cell lymphoma displayed characteristics analogous to mature T-lymphocytes, and typed as a suppressor/cytotoxic T-cell with the monoclonal antibodies. The light and electron microscopy morphology of the(More)
Any technique that can detect nitrogen concentrations can screen for concealed explosives. However, such a technique would have to be insensitive to metal, both encasing and incidental. If images of the nitrogen concentrations could be captured, then, since form follows function, a robust screening technology could be developed. However these images would(More)
By the use of bomb-produced tungsten-185 tracer, debris from the 1958 nuclear tests (Hardtack) held at the U.S. Pacific Proving Ground have been identified as they appeared in the ground-level air along the 80th meridian. A large amount of radioactivity from these tests appeared in South America, particularly at the high-altitude collecting stations.
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