Arrchana Muruganantham

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To touch and be touched are vital to human development, well-being, and relationships. However, to those who have lost their arms and hands due to accident or war, touching becomes a serious concern that often leads to psychosocial issues and social stigma. In this paper, we demonstrate that the touch from a warm and soft rubber hand can be perceived by(More)
Evolutionary algorithms are effective in solving static multiobjective optimization problems resulting in the emergence of a number of state-of-the-art multiobjective evolutionary algorithms (MOEAs). Nevertheless, the interest in applying them to solve dynamic multiobjective optimization problems has only been tepid. Benchmark problems, appropriate(More)
With the wide spread popularity of social networking sites (SNS), enterprise organizations have started to explore the business opportunities in SNS such as Facebook to conduct targeted marketing and reputation management. Customers or users tend to trust the opinion of other customers or users, especially those with prior experience of a product or(More)
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