Arpo R J Aromaa

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We performed a second-generation genome-wide association study of 4,533 individuals with celiac disease (cases) and 10,750 control subjects. We genotyped 113 selected SNPs with PGWAS < 10−4 and 18 SNPs from 14 known loci in a further 4,918 cases and 5,684 controls. Variants from 13 new regions reached genome-wide significance (Pcombined < 5 × 10−8); most(More)
BACKGROUND Flavonoids are effective antioxidants and may protect against several chronic diseases. OBJECTIVE The association between flavonoid intake and risk of several chronic diseases was studied. DESIGN The total dietary intakes of 10 054 men and women during the year preceding the baseline examination were determined with a dietary history method.(More)
Information on prevalence, accumulation and variation of common mental disorders is essential for both etiological research and development of mental health service systems. A representative sample (6005) of Finland’s general adult (≥ 30 years) population was interviewed in the period 2000–2001 with the CIDI for presence of DSM-IV mental disorders during(More)
BACKGROUND Epidemiologic evidence of a preventive effect of whole grain against type 2 diabetes is mainly based on data from women. Information specific to men and women is needed. OBJECTIVE The objective was to study the relation between the intake of whole grain and fiber and the subsequent incidence of type 2 diabetes. DESIGN The design was a cohort(More)
Health-related quality of life (HRQoL) is an essential outcome of health care, but there is no gold standard of HRQoL measurement. We investigated the impact of major chronic conditions on HRQoL using 15D and EQ-5D in a representative sample of Finns. Information on chronic somatic conditions was obtained by interviews. Psychiatric disorders were diagnosed(More)
The Mini Finland Health Survey was an extensive epidemiological study of the Finnish population aged 30 or over; the prevalence of mental disorders was one aspect studied. Prevalence of symptoms in the General Health Questionnaire as well as the prevalence of self-perceived and clinically assessed mental disorders was studied. The total prevalence of(More)
The association between the serum selenium level and the subsequent incidence of cancer was investigated in a longitudinal study of 39,268 men and women participating in the Social Insurance Institution's Mobile Clinic Health Examination Survey in Finland. The baseline examinations, including the collection of blood samples, were performed in 1968-1972.(More)
Chronic neck pain is a relatively mild musculoskeletal condition, but common enough to be a possible public health problem. The distribution, determinants, and consequences of chronic neck pain have hitherto been described inadequately. In the Mini-Finland Health Survey, a representative population sample of 8,000 Finns aged greater than or equal to 30(More)
Oxidation of lipoproteins is hypothesized to promote atherosclerosis and, thus, a high intake of antioxidant nutrients may protect against coronary heart disease. The relation between the intakes of dietary carotene, vitamin C, and vitamin E and the subsequent coronary mortality was studied in a cohort of 5,133 Finnish men and women aged 30-69 years and(More)
Burnout is a chronic stress syndrome which develops gradually as a consequence of prolonged stress situation. Socio-demographic factors related to job-related burnout have not been studied in the whole population. We investigated the relative differences in the level of burnout between groups based on various socio-demographic factors in the(More)