Arpita Gupte

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Asian Indians have a unique phenotype characterized by increased abdominal obesity and visceral fat despite low body mass index [BMI]. Though studies have indicated some adipocytokines to be associated with diabetes and obesity in Indians, there are virtually no studies relating adipocytokines and proinsulin with diabetes and obesity in Asian Indians. In(More)
To provide additional validation data for the multizone airflow and contaminant model, CONTAMW, experiments were performed in an occupied 3-story townhouse in Reston, VA. A tracer gas, sulfur hexaflouride (SF6), was manually injected within one room of the house and the concentration of SF6 was measured in each zone. This same process was then recreated in(More)
A viable and cost-effective technology was explored in the present study for removal of copper from aqueous solution using mucilaginous seeds of Ocimum basilicum. Pretreatment of the seeds were found to alter the metal binding capacity. Distilled water imbibed seeds showed higher adsorption of Cu in comparison to seeds given pre-treatment with acid, alkali,(More)
Block copolymers exhibit the phenomenon of microdomain formation in pure states as well as in solutions. The microdomains vest the block copolymer assemblies with the intriguing characteristics of microheterogeneous media. We demonstrate that this microheterogeneity in hydrophobic-hydrophilic block copolymer systems can be exploited for immobilizing enzymes(More)
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