Arpit S. Gupta

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We investigate whether homeowners respond strategically to news of mortgage modification programs. We exploit plausibly exogenous variation in modification policy induced by U.S. state government lawsuits against Countrywide Financial Corporation, which agreed to offer modifications to seriously delinquent borrowers with subprime mortgages throughout the(More)
I analyze the existence of default spillovers in the residential mortgage market. I focus on shocks to interest rates paid by borrowers resulting from two administrative details in ARM contract terms: the choices of financial index and lookback period. I find that a 1 percentage point increase in interest rates at the time of ARM reset results in a 2.5(More)
With the introduction of new and new services in the market every day, the internet is growing rapidly. The network traffic generated by these network protocols and applications needs to be categorised which is an important task of network management. Among these, p2p has the largest share of the bandwidth. This great demand in the bandwidth has increased(More)
Patterned Media Storage (PMS) is one of the promising technologies to overcome the limitations of the conventional magnetic recording. While advanced signal processing and coding algorithms helps to improve the bit error rate performance of Patterned Media Storage (PMS) channel, they have to be designed by considering the underlying channel model. In(More)
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