Arpit Mittal

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In computer vision efficient multi-class classification is becoming a key problem as the field develops and the number of object classes to be identified increases. Often objects might have some sort of structure such as a taxonomy in which the mis-classification score for object classes close by, using tree distance within the taxonomy, should be less than(More)
A generalized form of the ballistic-diffusive equations (BDEs) for approximate solution of the Boltzmann Transport equation (BTE) for phonons is formulated. The formulation presented here is new and general in the sense that, unlike previously published formulations of the BDE, it does not require a priori knowledge of the specific heat capacity of the(More)
The Boltzmann Transport Equation (BTE) for phonons has found prolific use for the prediction of non-equilibrium heat conduction phenomena in semiconductor materials. This article presents a new hybrid formulation and associated numerical procedures for solution of the BTE for phonons. In this formulation, the phonon intensity is first split into two(More)
Subterranean exploration so far has primarily been performed with the assistance and involvement of human beings. As more ground is broken and more layers are explored, the need for a robotic solution to make digging both easier and safer becomes greater. The applications of a self-burying robot extend from mining and military applications to humanitarian(More)