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Mobile cloud computing can greatly enrich the capabilities of today’s pervasive mobile devices. Storing data on the cloud can enable features such as automatic backup, seamless transition between multiple devices, and multiuser support for existing apps. However, the process of converting local into cloud data types requires high expertise, is(More)
Random testing can be a powerful and scalable method for finding faults in software. However, sophisticated random testers usually test a whole program, not individual components. Writing random testers for individual components of complex programs may require unreasonable effort. In this paper we present a novel method, directed swarm testing, that uses(More)
Fuzzers, or random testing tools, are powerful tools for finding bugs. A major problem with using fuzzersis that they often trigger many bugs that are already known. The fuzzer taming problem addresses this issue by ordering bug-triggering random test cases generated by a fuzzer such that test cases exposing diverse bugs are found early in the ranking.(More)
Date: ____________________ iii Student: Arpit M Christi I certify that these students have met the requirements for format contained in the University format Manual, and that this Project is suitable for shelving in the Library and credit is to be awarded for the project. iv Abstract of EFFICIENT MULTITHREADED HASHING FOR MESSAGE AUTHENTICATION CODE by(More)
Unit testing has become an integral part of software development process as it ensures all your individual functions behave in a way they should behave. Obtaining 100% code coverage out of unit test suit is essential to ensure that all code paths are covered. This paper proposes a tool AutoCodeCoverGen that guarantees 100% code coverage. It also discusses(More)
Concurrent access issue is one of the most frequently encountered issues in performance testing. The issue is a classic case of producer consumer problem where multiple clients try to access same code on the server at the same time, resulting in collision in accessing the code/data. Readily available solutions to producer consumer problem are applied with(More)
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