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Structural variation of the genome involves kilobase- to megabase-sized deletions, duplications, insertions, inversions, and complex combinations of rearrangements. We introduce high-throughput and massive paired-end mapping (PEM), a large-scale genome-sequencing method to identify structural variants (SVs) approximately 3 kilobases (kb) or larger that(More)
Female meiotic drive, in which paired chromosomes compete for access to the egg, is a potentially powerful but rarely documented evolutionary force. In interspecific monkeyflower (Mimulus) hybrids, a driving M. guttatus allele (D) exhibits a 98:2 transmission advantage via female meiosis. We show that extreme interspecific drive is most likely caused by(More)
Reverse transcriptase activity of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) was blocked in vitro by immunoglobulin G (IgG) derived from certain individuals infected with this retrovirus. A heterogeneous immune response for inhibition of enzyme function was noted. Catalytic activity was depressed by 50% or more with the use of 10 micrograms of IgG from 11 of 16(More)
During Deep Sea Drilling Project-International Program of Ocean Drilling leg 64, December 1978 to January 1979, the initial test of the Deep Sea Drilling Project's hydraulic piston corer obtained an almost undisturbed section from a 152-meter hole into the sediments of the oxygen minimum zone at a depth of 655 meters along the Guaymas slope in the central(More)
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