Arpana Pandit

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BACKGROUND Oral diseases and feeding habits are inextricably linked. Significance of assessing oral health conditions among the school children therefore exists. The current study investigated the oral health condition among 5-6 years and 12-13 years children in Nawalparasi district, Nepal. METHODS Recruiting 1,000 school children aged (5-6) and (12-13)(More)
BACKGROUND Globally, tobacco use is most common public health problem. Similar is the situation of Nepal where thousands of lives are lost annually. Both sexes are affected by tobacco use but women share different and unique problems. Hence, in this paper we made an attempt to understand socio-demographic predictors of tobacco use among women of Nepal. (More)
BACKGROUND Over the centuries, the world has witnessed alcohol use as a common phenomenon among the male population. Owing to the vulnerability of women towards alcohol and its possible consequences on women as well as children when pregnant or lactating mothers drink alcohol, there is utmost need to know the alcohol use among this population. The study(More)
BACKGROUND Oral diseases remain a significant public health problem in Nepal, as do oral health behaviours. Socio-demographic factors play a crucial role in driving oral hygiene practices. This study aims to identify oral hygiene practices and associated socio-demographic factors in Nepalese population. METHODS This descriptive, cross-sectional study(More)
BACKGROUND Despite being preventable disease, diabetes and hypertension fall among top 10 leading causes of death globally. Diabetes and hypertension are independent risk factor for cardiovascular disease, and the risk is markedly increased by their co-occurrence.This study attempted to find out the prevalence of comorbid diabetes and hypertension in Nepal.(More)
BACKGROUND Many countries are having problem of substandard and counterfeit drugs which results in life threatening issues, financial loss of consumers and loss in trust on health system. This study is concerned with the assessment of drugs quality available in the Nepalese market. METHODS A cross sectional survey was carried out in Kathmandu valley. Five(More)
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