Arpan Datta Roy

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The FRET has been widely used as a spectroscopic technique in all applications of fluorescence including medical diagnostics, DNA analysis, optical imaging [1] and for various sensing properties [2-11]. Generally, fluorescence-based sensors adopt three different strategies: (a) fluorescence quenching (turn-off), (b) fluorescence enhancement (turn-on) and(More)
The present consensus regarding the fate of the pancreatic proteases trypsin and chymotrypsin in the human intestinal tract rests largely upon experiments by Borgstrom, Dahlqvist, Lundh, and Sjovall (1957), who measured their activity in juice obtained by intubation of the small intestine. The results indicated a progressive fall in activity from the(More)
Faecal 3-hydroxy bile acids were assayed enzymatically in patients with carcinoma, or at increased risk of developing carcinoma of the large bowel. No rise in bile acid concentration was demonstrated in patients with ulcerative colitis, previously resected adenoma, or resected carcinoma. Patients with carcinoma, before treatment, had faecal bile acid(More)
EDITORIAL SYNOPSIS The present confusion concerning the classification and terminology of granulomatous lesions of the ileo-caecal area is pointed out. Fifteen cases are reviewed with regard to clinical presentation, operative findings, and post-operative development. The tissues removed from these patients are critically reviewed with regard to features(More)