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We present numerical simulations as well as experimental results concerning transitions between Taylor vortices and spiral vortices in the Taylor-Couette system with rigid, nonrotating lids at the cylinder ends. These transitions are performed by wavy structures appearing via a secondary bifurcation out of Taylor vortices and spirals, respectively. In the(More)
We present a new mechanism that allows the stable existence of domain walls between oppositely traveling waves in pattern-forming systems far from onset. It involves a nonlinear mode coupling that results directly from the nonlinearities in the underlying momentum balance. Our work provides the first observation and explanation of such strongly nonlinearly(More)
We present numerical simulations of vortices that appear via primary bifurcations out of the unstructured circular Couette flow in the Taylor-Couette system with counter rotating as well as with corotating cylinders. The full, time dependent Navier Stokes equations are solved with a combination of a finite difference and a Galerkin method for a fixed axial(More)
Numerical calculations of vortex flows in Taylor-Couette systems with counter rotating cylinders are presented. The full, time-dependent Navier-Stokes equations are solved with a combination of a finite difference and a Galerkin method. Annular gaps of radius ratio eta=0.5 and of several heights are simulated. They are closed by nonrotating lids that(More)
The influence of an axial through flow on the spatiotemporal growth behavior of different vortex structures in the Taylor-Couette system with radius ratio eta=0.5 is determined. The Navier-Stokes equations (NSE) linearized around the basic Couette-Poiseuille flow are solved numerically with a shooting method in a wide range of through flow strengths Re and(More)
Stable domain walls which are realized by a defect between oppositely traveling spiral waves in a pattern-forming hydrodynamic system, i.e., Taylor-Couette flow, are studied numerically as well as experimentally. A nonlinear mode coupling resulting from the nonlinearities in the underlying momentum balance is found to be essential for the stability of the(More)
A flow state consisting of two oppositely traveling waves (TWs) with oscillating amplitudes has been found in the counter-rotating Taylor-Couette system by full numerical simulations. This structure bifurcates out of axially standing waves that are nonlinear superpositions of left- and right-handed spiral vortex waves with equal time-independent amplitudes.(More)
Previous numerical investigations of the stability and bifurcation properties of different nonlinear combination structures of spiral vortices in a counter-rotating Taylor-Couette system that were done for fixed axial wavelengths are supplemented by exploring the dependence of the vortex phenomena waves on their wavelength. This yields information about the(More)
We consider the at-the-money (ATM) strike derivative of implied volatility as the maturity tends to zero. Our main results quantify the behaviour of the slope for infinite activity exponential Lévy models including a Brownian component. As auxiliary results, we obtain asymptotic expansions of short maturity ATM digital call options, using Mellin transform(More)