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We examined whether extracellular dopamine (DA) increase in medial prefrontal cortex is correlated with the establishment or with the retrieval of an auditory avoidance strategy in a shuttle-box. Using microdialysis from right medial prefrontal cortex (mPFC) in combination with behavioral measures, gerbils were trained on a tone-footshock combination in two(More)
This detailed analysis of behavior is aimed at the differentiation of the components of information processing during associative conditioning. In gerbils, the influences of various acquired non-avoidance strategies as pre-experience were studied during the learning of a standard avoidance task in the same shuttle-box. Identical cue stimuli,(More)
The automatic segmentation of abdominal organs is a pre-requisite for many medical applications. Successful methods typically rely on prior knowledge about the to be segmented anatomy as it is for instance provided by means of active shape models (ASMs). Contrary to most previous ASM based methods, this work does not focus on individual organs. Instead, a(More)
BACKGROUND The authors investigated the possibility of improving positioning of stimulation leads in patients with chronic neuropathic peripheral nerve pain and good pain relief from implantation of a peripheral nerve stimulator (PNS). METHODS This pilot study includes four patients suffering from Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome type II (CRPS II) or(More)
1. A detailed analysis of behavior is a prerequisite for identification of components of information processing during learning. 2. Components of shuttle-box learning like the signal detection and signal evaluation can be differentiated using behavioral events such as the attention response and the orienting response. 3. Chiefly during evaluation of signal(More)
The Observer 3.0 (Noldus, 1991) was used as the base for a time-saving fine analysis of animal behavior. A PC controlled a shuttlebox and a shuttlebox control unit. Learning behavior was recorded on videotapes by an S-VHS camcorder with vertical interval time code (VITC), which was used to generate an observational data file (ODF). The observational system(More)
PURPOSE Multimodality mammography using conventional 2D mammography and dynamic contrast-enhanced 3D magnetic resonance imaging (DCE-MRI) is frequently performed for breast cancer detection and diagnosis. Combination of both imaging modalities requires superimposition of corresponding structures in mammograms and MR images. This task is challenging due to(More)