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Acanthamoeba keratitis (AK) is a relatively rare disease worldwide. Over the past 10 years, five cases of AK were reported in Slovakia. Four preserved Slovak strains and one strain from the Czech Republic isolated from corneal scrapes of patients with AK are characterised in this study. Genotype identification of isolates is based on sequences of the PCR(More)
A sudden increase in severe influenza has been registered in the Czech Republic since the end of 2012, with 264 cases requiring intensive care, including 51 deaths. Most patients had at least one risk factor. Severe influenza in patients with obesity, smoking and/or haematological disorders including haematological cancers was more frequent than in the(More)
Celiac disease (CD) is an autoimmune disorder of the small intestine that occurs in genetically predisposed people at all ages. However, it can be associated also to other immunopathological disorders, and may be associated with abnormal histology in segments of the gut other than the small bowel including colonic inflammation. While guidelines for(More)
Crohn's disease (CD) is a chronic relapsing and remitting autoinflammatory disorder of the gastrointestinal tract that has many intestinal and extraintestinal complications. The purpose of treatment is long-term remission, reduction of complications, and improvement of patients' quality of life. In many cases, this can be quite challenging and it is(More)
AIMS This report describes the baseline characteristics of patients in the Reduction of Events with Darbepoetin alfa in Heart Failure trial (RED-HF) which is testing the hypothesis that anaemia correction with darbepoetin alfa will reduce the composite endpoint of death from any cause or hospital admission for worsening heart failure, and improve other(More)
We present a method to automatically detect and classify the dermoscopic structure pigment network which may indicate early melanoma in skin lesions. The network is located as darker areas constituting a mesh, as well as lighter areas representing the 'holes' which the mesh surrounds. After comparing 5 methods of segmentations with the manual one, we apply(More)