Aroon Narayanan

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The design and fabrication of a 1.3- mu m waveguide-coupled strained-layer In/sub x/Ga/sub 1-x/As/GaAs MSM detector with an optimized active layer thickness is reported. For 100- mu m-long devices, a responsivity of 0.58 mA/mW is observed. Using the detector as an optoelectronic switch, on/off ratios better than 40 dB were achieved at L and X band.<<ETX>>
We have developed a conformal optical modulator structure comprising pixellated InGaAs-InAlAs multiple-quantum-well (MQW) electroabsorption modulators embedded in a polymer membrane for operation in the 1550-nm optical region. The MQW modulators retain their electrical and optical characteristics after the polymer embedding process, with leakage currents of(More)
The coverage probability of a user in a mmwave system depends on the availability of line-of-sight paths or reflected paths from any base station. Many prior works modelled blockages using random shape theory and analyzed the SIR distribution with and without interference. While, it is intuitive that the reflected paths do not significantly contribute to(More)
We report the fabrication and characterization of the two-bit monolithic optical time-delay network on GaAs. GaAs rib-waveguides and InGaAs waveguide-coupled MSM detectors serve respectively as delay-lines and optoelectronic switches on the photonic integrated circuit. From the linear RF differential phase observed between 1 and 11 GHz, we estimate that the(More)
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