Aron Bierbaum

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The last advances in commodity hardware have allowed users of im-mersive visualization to create high-performance systems using a set of interconnected computers. These systems, called cluster computers, allow to employ high-quality graphics cards, high-speed processors and significant amounts of memory for much lower costs than would be possible with(More)
Cluster computing has become an essential issue for designing immersive visual-ization systems. This paradigm employs scalable clusters of commodity computers with much lower costs than would be possible with the high-end, shared memory computers that have been traditionally used for virtual reality purposes. This change in the design of virtual reality(More)
A. Introduction When studying the dynamic, physical interaction of robots with the environment a generic physics simulator becomes most important when robot and environment exceed a certain complexity. Investigation of current problems in robotics, e.g. in multifingered manipulation or two-legged walking requires simulations which reflect physical details(More)
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