Arodi Alvarez

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OBJECTIVE Multiple point stimulation (MPS) is a widely used technique to estimate the number of motor units in a muscle. Test-retest reliability must be high for the motor unit number estimates to be clinically useful. We hypothesized that the reliability of MPS can be improved by using a long stimulus pulse width (1ms), in addition to the standard 0.05ms(More)
Four examples of occipital condyle syndrome, that is, unilateral occipital pain and ipsilateral tongue paralysis due to selective erosion of the occipital condyle, are reported. The four patients complained of a continuous, severe, unilateral, occipital pain which kept them with the head rotated to the side of the pain and held with their hands. The pain(More)
We report a case of pure word deafness, clinically expressed as deaf-mutism in a 17-year-old girl, who was affected from encephalitis when she was 18 months old and hadn't acquired language skills. Actually, physical examination revealed buccolingual apraxia and absence of spontaneous speech, auditory comprehension, repetition and denomination, whereas(More)
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