Aroa Rodriguez-Iglesias

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The genus Trichoderma contains fungi with high relevance for humans, with applications in enzyme production for plant cell wall degradation and use in biocontrol. Here, we provide a broad, comprehensive overview of the genomic content of these species for "hot topic" research aspects, including CAZymes, transport, transcription factors, and development,(More)
Fungal LOV proteins facilitate photoadaptation via blue light regulation of dimer formation. Despite considerable homology of these proteins in closely related fungi, deviations in signaling exist. Here we report the crystal structure of ENVOY (ENV1), a homolog of N. crassa VVD in the fungus T. reesei, a model organism for plant cell wall degradation.(More)
Light-oxygen-voltage (LOV) domain-containing proteins function as small light-activated modules capable of imparting blue light control of biological processes. Their small modular nature has made them model proteins for allosteric signal transduction and optogenetic devices. Despite intense research, key aspects of their signal transduction mechanisms and(More)
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