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OBJECTIVE To demonstrate the usefulness of the Addiction Severity Index Japanese Version (ASI-J) in Japanese alcohol-dependent individuals. The ASI is a frequently used clinical and research instrument that measures severities in seven functional domains in people with substance abuse disorders. METHODS A total of 370 male inpatients with a history of(More)
Japan has just enacted a national law for alcohol, that named "Basic Act on Measures Against Alcohol-related Health Harm". This article includes 5 topics; i) General psychiatrists have the roles and responsibilities in this law, ii) All psychiatrists need to know about alcohol-related health harm and alcohol-related problem, iii) Alcohol dependence is(More)
AIM The aim of this study was to identify risk factors for suicide in Japanese substance use disorder (SUD) patients, adjusting for age and sex, and to examine sex differences in suicide risk among these patients. METHODS A self-reporting questionnaire on age, sex, types of abused substances, current depression, and suicidality was administered to 1420(More)
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