Arnulfo Ramos-Jiménez

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BACKGROUND Hatha Yoga (HY) can be an alternative to improve physical activity in middle-aged and older women. However, conventional HY (CHY) exercising may not result in enough training stimulus to improve cardiovascular fitness. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of an intensive HY intervention (IHY) on cardiovascular risk factors in(More)
BACKGROUND The respiratory exchange ratio (RER) indirectly shows the muscle's oxidative capacity to get energy. Sedentarism, exercise and physically active lifestyles modify it. For that reason, this study evaluates the associations between RER during sub-maximum exercise and other well established fitness indicators (body fat, maximum heart rate, maximum(More)
INTRODUCTION Oral rehydration drinks help maintain physical capacity and hydration during exercise. OBJECTIVE Evaluate, in a case and self-control study, the effectiveness of three hydration and exercise protocols on work capacity and physical and psychosomatic stress during indoor cycling (InC). METHODS 14 middle-aged eutrophic men participated in(More)
INTRODUCTION Studies on the state of health and nutrition of Mexicans with intellectual disability (ID) including those with Down syndrome (DS), are scarce. OBJECTIVE To analyze some physiological and social factors associated with the body mass of young people with ID from northern México. METHODS Body weight, height and other anthropometric values(More)
The factors responsible for the acute effects of exercise on blood lipids are not well known, and there have been few studies comparing different kinds of exercise in the same population. The concentration of blood lipids was evaluated in this study at the end and at post-24h of two 14km/90min single exercise sessions: continuous exercise (CE) at(More)
Trained people exhibit low plasma concentrations of triacylglcyerols in both fasting and postprandial states. Exercise practice is commonly believed to improve postprandial lipemia. In addition, elevated postprandial lipemia is an indicator of poor lipid clearance, and it has been associated with atherosclerosis, insulin resistance, and obesity. Spirulina(More)
Anthocyanins (ACNs) are plant secondary metabolites from the flavonoid family. Red to blue fruits are major dietary sources of ACNs (up to 1 g/100 g FW), being cyanidin-3-O-glucoside (Cy3G) one of the most widely distributed. Cy3G confers a red hue to fruits, but its content in raspberries and strawberries is low. It has a good radical scavenging capacity(More)
Yoga is an ancient oriental discipline that emerged from mystical and philosophical concepts. Today it is practiced in the west, partly due to the promotion of its benefits to improve the lifestyle and overall health. As compared to non-Hatha Yoga (HY) practitioners, healthier and better-eating patterns have been observed in those who practice it. Agreement(More)
INTRODUCTION There is scarce and inconsistent information about gender-related differences in the hydration of sports persons, as well as about the effects of hydration on performance, especially during indoor sports. OBJECTIVE To determine the physiological differences between genders during in indoor physical exercise, with and without hydration. (More)
The fruit of Guamúchil is an excellent source of bioactive compounds for human health although their natural occurrence could be affected by the ripening process. The aim was to evaluate some physicochemical, chemical and antioxidant changes in guamúchil fruit during six ripening stages (I to VI). A defined trend (p ≤ 0.003) was observed for color [°Hue,(More)