Arnon Accad

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Whilst extensive clearance of forests in the eastern Australian Brigalow Belt Bioregion (BBB) has occurred since European settlement, appropriate management of those that are regenerating can facilitate restoration of biomass (carbon) and biodiversity Remote Sens. 2012, 4 2237 to levels typical of relatively undisturbed or remnant formations. However, maps(More)
Threatened species in rainforests may be vulnerable to climate change, because of their potentially narrow thermal tolerances, small population sizes and restricted distributions. This study modelled climate induced changes on the habitat distribution of the endangered rainforest plant Triunia robusta, endemic to southeast Queensland, Australia. Species(More)
The Interim Biogeographic Regionalisation of Australia (IBRA; Environment Australia, 2000) is a planning framework defining land areas comprised of interacting ecosystems repeated across the landscape. In many states these bioregions are currently arrived at by consensus of an expert panel (Neldner et al. 2004) and well accepted as a spatial unit for(More)
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