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The Jepson Manual, Vascular Plants of California
I found the keys to be concise; they flowed smoothly and lacked esoteric terminology, and the new arrangements certainly made creating keys to the 185 families more difficult, as evidenced by the 862 couplets spread out among 24 groups that cover 38 pages. Expand
Cryptantha schoolcraftii (Boraginaceae), a new species of section Oreocarya from Nevada
A new species,Cryptantha schoolcraftii, is described and illustrated. It is related to theC. nubigena-sobolifera alliance but differs in short duration and lowland habitat. It further differs fromC.Expand
Fanny Searls (1851–1939)
A biography of one of Nevada's earliest botanical collectors, Fanny Searls, including a portrait and a sample of her handwriting, is presented.
Vascular plant types of Clarence King's exploration of the fortieth parallel, 1867–1869
Presented here is a guide to the location, deposition, and authors of vascular plant type material either collected on the King exploration or described in the botany report of the exploration. AExpand
Index to plants collected on Howard Stansbury’s expedition to the Great Salt Lake, 1849–1850
Presented here is a synonymized list, including a list of types, of the plants collected on Howard Stansbury’s expedition to the Great Salt Lake, 1849–1850.
Vascular plants first described in Rydberg’s flora of colorado
Types are indicated for 28 new names inadvertently published in Rydberg’sFlora of Colorado. Included are a discussion as to the validity of these new names and an explanation of the causes of thisExpand
Potentilla basaltica (Rosaceae), a new species from Nevada
The leaf form and small flowers are reminiscent ofIvesia, indicating a possible new link between the two genera, P. newberryi and Ivesia. Expand
Book Reviews
during the eight years intervening between the two editions has been endless?the bibliography has been increased 50 per cent?and it would seem almost an impossibility to assimilate it. This has beenExpand
A new Haplopappus (Asteraceae: Astereae) from Nevada
A new species, Haplopappus graniticus, is described and illustrated. Its relationships seemingly lie with section Tonestus but its narrow heads and imbricated phyllaries are anomalous in that section.