Arnold Tóth

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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Susceptibility weighted imaging (SWI) is a very sensitive tool for the detection of microbleeds in traumatic brain injury (TBI). The number and extent of such traumatic microbleeds (TMBs) have been shown to correlate with the severity of the injury and the clinical outcome. However, the acute dynamics of TMBs have not been revealed so(More)
Advanced magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) methods were shown to be able to detect the subtle structural consequences of mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI). The objective of this study was to investigate the acute structural alterations and recovery after mTBI, using diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) to reveal axonal pathology, volumetric analysis, and(More)
Previous findings on normal sexual dimorphism in hippocampal volume have not always been consistent. This study investigated gender differences in hippocampal volume using different head-size correction strategies. T1-weighted MR images were collected in 99 healthy, Caucasian, university students (66 female subjects; mean age: 23.1 ± 2.3, range: 19-31(More)
Traumatic microbleeds (TMBs) and non-hemorrhagic lesions (NHLs) on MRI are regarded as surrogate markers of diffuse axonal injury. However, the actual relation between lesional and diffuse pathology remained unclear, since lesions were related to clinical parameters, largely influenced by extracranial factors. The aim of this study is to directly compare(More)
In Hungary almost 70% of mould-affected maize inspected since 1993 was found to be contaminated with fumonisin B1 (FB1) (mean 2.6-8.65 mg/kg; maximum 9.8-75.1 mg/kg), the degree of this contamination was found to increase from year to year (Fazekas et al., 1997b). In this experiment, in order to define tolerance limit values, the effect of exposing weaned(More)
The effect of synthetic beta-carotene and synthetic nucleotide base on daily weight gain, feed consumption and certain haematological, biochemical and immunological parameters of piglets were studied in a 3-week experiment. Beginning one week prior to weaning, the diet fed to one experimental group of piglets was supplemented with 10% Rovimix Beta-carotene(More)
97 symptom-free asthmatics, 56 patients with chronic bronchitis and 32 healthy persons were challenged by inhalation of ultrasonically nebulised hypertonic KCl solution. 24 patients out of the group of asthmatics were challenged also by the inhalation of distilled water to compare its bronchial effect and diagnostic value in bronchial asthma with those of(More)
BACKGROUND The long-term effect of neuromyelitis optica (NMO) on the brain is not well established. METHODS After 22 years of NMO, a patient's brain was examined by quantitative T1- and T2-weighted mono- and biexponential diffusion and proton spectroscopy. It was compared to 3 cases with short-term NMO and 20 healthy subjects. RESULTS Although routine(More)
Two antimicrobial agents, 9-aminoacridine (0.2%) and minocycline (0.2%), were evaluated for their efficacy in inhibiting root surface caries, bone loss, and microflora in rice rats. A solution of 5000 ppm fluoride was used as a positive control for the inhibition of root surface caries, and double-distilled water was used as a negative control group. Each(More)