Arnold Strauss

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PURPOSE Corticosteroids are widely used in the treatment of acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). To determine the frequency of corticosteroid-associated bony morbidity in children with ALL, we retrospectively evaluated the incidence of fractures and osteonecrosis (ON) on two consecutive pediatric ALL protocols. PATIENTS AND METHODS One hundred seventy-six(More)
1. An insulin-producing cell line, RINm5F, derived from a rat insulinoma was studied. 2. The cellular content of immunoreactive insulin was 0.19 pg/cell, which represents approx. 1% of the insulin content of native rat beta-cells, whereas that of immunoreactive glucagon and somatostatin was five to six orders of magnitude less than that of native alpha- or(More)
Intimal sarcoma of the pulmonary artery is rare in the adult population. It is usually diagnosed postmortem in patients thought to have pulmonary emboli. We present a case of intimal sarcoma of the pulmonary artery in an infant with a history of neonatal pulmonic stenosis.
Human inducible nitric-oxide synthase (iNOS) is responsible for nitric oxide synthesis in response to inflammatory mediators. The human iNOS gene, containing 26 exons, encodes a protein of 131 kDa. This study was aimed at investigating the presence of alternative splicing of human iNOS mRNA. Total RNA from human alveolar macrophages, nasal and bronchial(More)