Arnold Schönhage

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A method, given by D. E. Knuth for the computation of the greatest common divisor of two integers u, v and of the continued fraction for u/v is modified in such a way that only O(n(lg n)2(lglg n)) elementary steps are used for u,v<.2 n. Ein von D. E. Knuth angegebenes Verfahren, für ganze Zahlen u, v den größten gemeinsamen Teiler und den Kettenbruch für(More)
Polynomial multiplication of degree N can be accomplished in time O (N · log N) provided the scalar field contains suitable roots of unity. Otherwise at least O (N · log N · log log N) is obtained by a modified version of the Schönhage-Strassen multiplication which employs computations modulo 1 + xn (where N = 2n), if the field contains 2−1, or modulo 1 +(More)