Arnold Roosendaal

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For law enforcement purposes, authorities may either use a method of indiscriminate control or an investigative approach aimed at (finding) a particular suspect of law-breaking behavior. By applying data matching technologies, indiscriminately collected surveillance data are combined with data from other sources to select individual citizens. Inspired by(More)
Small cell carcinoma of the bladder only accounts for 0,35 – 1% of all bladder cancers. It is a rare, but aggressive tumor. As for other types of bladder cancer, first symptoms are most often painless hematuria [1,2]. The clinical presentation does not differ from other bladder cancers and work-up to diagnosis is mostly identical. Literature regarding small(More)
Recently, three major ICT companies were confronted with public outrage about the way they collected massive amounts of personal data without informing data subjects, let alone obtaining their consent. Google harvested data concerning Wi-Fi routers while cruising around with their StreetView camera cars, Facebook tracked potentially every internet user with(More)
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