Arnold Robbins

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BACKGROUND Since 1984 we have completed 3897 inguinal herniorrhaphies. This article compares our results with a conventional Cooper ligament repair versus the "mesh hernia plug" method. METHODS From 1984 through 1988 we performed 2886 conventional Cooper ligament repairs. From 1989 through 1991 we completed 1011 mesh hernia plug repairs. RESULTS Despite(More)
Although demographic and socioeconomic data regarding the natural history of hernia disease are difficult to find, studies from the National Center for Health Statistics show that approximately 700,000 groin herniorrhaphies are completed annually in the United States. More than 60% of these operations are performed on an outpatient basis. Classification(More)
The evolution of tension-free hernioplasty techniques; culminating in the mesh-plug repair, is presented. Experience with 1563 cases is described. Recurrences have been virtually eliminated. The factors of no tissue tension and decreased dissection are believed to be the two most important reasons why there is greater patient comfort, rapid rehabilitation,(More)
Since the mid-1980s, dramatic progress has been made in the evolution of hernia surgery, highlighted by the increasing use of prosthetic mesh. Among the mesh-based "tension-free" hernioplasties, the use of mesh plugs has garnered a large number of spirited enthusiasts, and plug herniorrhaphy has become the fastest growing hernia repair currently employed by(More)
The once simple division of groin hernias into indirect and direct inguinal and femoral components is no longer adequate to reflect a more sophisticated understanding of the pathophysiology and management of these lesions. Similarly, the availability of a concise, easy-to-use, logical, and recognizable classification scheme would facilitate a better(More)
BACKGROUND Recurrent inguinal hernias can be repaired efficaciously by mesh plug techniques, which have had better results than traditional tissue-based repairs in several small studies. This report provides a detailed description and assessment of the anterior, tension-free, "umbrella" mesh plug method for recurrent groin herniorrhaphy. METHODS We(More)
We present a case of severe breathing abnormality during sleep in a young man who had had poliomyelitis 20 yr before. His sleep disorder led to respiratory failure and cor pulmonale, which were greatly improved by oxygen therapy. A study of this case and those previously described supports the notion that brainstem damage during acute poliomyelitis is(More)