Arnold Robbins

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Patients' reluctance to report pain and to use analgesics are considered major barriers to pain management. To explore this problem, 270 patients with cancer completed a 27-item self-report questionnaire (BQ) that assessed the extent to which they have concerns about reporting pain and using pain medication. The 8 specific concerns included fear of(More)
Parental feeding behaviours are considered major influences on children's eating behaviour. However, many questionnaire studies of feeding neglect subtle distinctions between specific feeding strategies and practices in favour of eliciting general feeding goals, and do not take account of the context provided by parents' motivations. These factors may be(More)
A memory design based on logical banks is analyzed for shared memory mul-tiprocessor systems. In this design, each physical bank is replaced by a logical bank consisting of a fast register and subbanks of slower memory. The subbanks are buuered by input and output queues which substantially reduce the eeective cycle time when the reference rate is below(More)
Exogenous androgenic hormones or drugs that affect endogenous androgen levels are now used in a variety of human applications [cf. Bardin et al. (1991)]. Therefore, an increasing number of well-controlled physiological, clinical, and psychological studies have examined the effects of androgens on muscle, prostate, lipids, and bone, as well as the(More)