Arnold Quinn

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The authors would like to thank the FERC staff for their cooperation and support. In particular, we would like to acknowledge the contributions of of the FERC staff and Samuel A. Newell of The Brattle Group. Opinions expressed in this report, as well as any errors or omissions, are the authors' alone. The examples, facts, and requirements summarized in this(More)
patients warranted additional i.v. anaesthetic prior to application of the electrical stimulus. Fortunately, neither of the patients reported awareness of the procedural events. Consequently, we no longer use bispectral index monitoring alone to assess pre-ictal anaesthetic depth in patients receiving ECT. Moreover, Zand and colleagues recently reported(More)
We have performed a randomized, double-blind comparison of two epidural drug regimens for analgesia in labour. In the bupivacaine group (BUPIV), 101 healthy parturients received 0.1% bupivacaine with fentanyl 2 microg ml(-1). In the ropivacaine group (ROPIV), 102 women received 0.2% ropivacaine. Both groups received an initial loading dose of 15 ml, a(More)
Pulse oximeters are now commonplace in modern medical practice, but we still need to be aware of their limitations. We present here a case of a 62-yr-old gentleman who underwent general anaesthesia for a recurrent parietal meningioma. He had received multiple general anaesthetics in the past. Persistent low pulse oximetry readings in the perioperative(More)
Concerns have long existed over the participation of adolescent athletes in professional sports. In 2004, the Sony Ericsson WTA Tour (WTA Tour) commissioned a Professional Development Advisory Panel (PDAP) to evaluate the WTA Tour's age eligibility rule (AER) and professional development programmes (PDPs) for female tennis players since their inception in(More)
The topic of economic growth and convergence of countries has been an active topic in the 1990’s. This paper investigates the question of whether there is any empirical evidence that countries are converging, with respect to their relative incomes, over time. To test for convergence, the evolution of the relative income for a country is modelled as a(More)
While ballot initiatives have existed in the United States since the Progressive Era, their popularity has risen in the past few decades as more initiatives qualify to be placed on the ballot. Numerous studies have examined whether the political environment created by the presence of initiatives influences the way people participate in and pay attention to(More)
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