Arnold Polanski

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Distribution of pairwise differences of nucleotides from data on a sample of DNA sequences from a given segment of the genome has been used in the past to draw inferences about the past history of population size changes. However, all earlier methods assume a given model of population size changes (such as sudden expansion), parameters of which (e.g., time(More)
We propose two simple evaluation methods for time varying density forecasts of continuous higher dimensional random variables. Both methods are based on the probability integral transformation for unidimensional forecasts. The first method tests multinormal densities and relies on the rotation of the coordinate system. The advantage of the second method is(More)
For implementation of the PANDA project (GSI) an antiproton-nucleus event generator is needed. In our paper we propose to apply the Ultra-Relativistic Quantum Molecular Dynamic (UrQMD) approach for this aim. Using the UrQMD model, simulation of ¯ pA-interactions at antiproton energies from 1 GeV to 200 GeV has been performed. We studied the average(More)
Based on an algorithm for pattern matching in character strings, a pattern matching machine is implemented that searches for occurrences of patterns in multidimensional time series. Before the search process takes place, time series data is encoded in user-designed alphabets. The patterns , on the other hand, are formulated as regular expressions that are(More)