Arnold Picot

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Globally, efforts are undertaken to promote the diffusion of Green-IS. The aim is to mitigate negative environmental impacts of IS itself and to leverage IS’ potential in the creation of environmentally sustainable societies. A particular Green-IS, essential for the intended modernization of energy systems, is the Smart Metering Technology (SMT). It(More)
This paper discusses the role of governments in broadband. It is divided into five sections. Following an introduction in section one, section two discusses the diffusion of broadband Internet. Section three deals with competition-based and public-goods views on regulation and the corresponding roles and issues for governments. To gain deeper insights into(More)
Transformative services represent a crucial topic in future service research. Particularly in the energy sector, consumer adoption of transformative—often IT-enabled—services is essential to increased environmental sustainability. As adopting these services increases both individual and collective well-being, research has to delve more deeply into the(More)
The increasing diffusion of renewable energies which underlie significant daily and seasonal fluctuations increases grid operations’ complexity. For the effective use of renewable energies, innovative information and communication technologies (ICT) and concepts are necessary to efficiently balance power generation and consumption. An ICT-based innovation(More)
Information and communication systems (ICS) impact their organizational environment in significant ways; hence, the design, implementation, and use of ICS are inseparably linked to fundamental issues of organizational design and behavior. Current research in the field of business and information systems engineering (BISE), however, is primarily technologyor(More)
In the era of accelerating digitization and advanced big data analytics, harnessing quality data for designing and delivering state-of-the-art services will enable innovative business models and management approaches (Boyd and Crawford, 2012; Brynjolfsson and McAfee, 2014) and yield an array of consequences. Among other consequences, digitization and big(More)