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Globally, efforts are undertaken to promote the diffusion of Green-IS. The aim is to mitigate negative environmental impacts of IS itself and to leverage IS' potential in the creation of environmentally sustainable societies. A particular Green-IS, essential for the intended modernization of energy systems, is the Smart Metering Technology (SMT). It(More)
2 The locus of our regulatory concerns need to shift. In the new media world, a world that still includes old media, and old but yet resistant values driving institutional processes of mediation, the concern with markets, competition, and content needs to be rethought. This is not only because of the decline of spectrum scarcity, or the incapacity of(More)
Transformative services represent a crucial topic in future service research. Particularly in the energy sector, consumer adoption of transformative—often IT-enabled—services is essential to increased environmental sustainability. As adopting these services increases both individual and collective well-being, research has to delve more deeply into the(More)
In the era of accelerating digitization and advanced big data analytics, harnessing quality data for designing and delivering state-of-the-art services will enable innovative business models and management approaches (Boyd and Crawford, 2012; Brynjolfsson and McAfee, 2014) and yield an array of consequences. Among other consequences, digitization and big(More)