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Globally, efforts are undertaken to promote the diffusion of Green-IS. The aim is to mitigate negative environmental impacts of IS itself and to leverage IS' potential in the creation of environmentally sustainable societies. A particular Green-IS, essential for the intended modernization of energy systems, is the Smart Metering Technology (SMT). It(More)
2 The locus of our regulatory concerns need to shift. In the new media world, a world that still includes old media, and old but yet resistant values driving institutional processes of mediation, the concern with markets, competition, and content needs to be rethought. This is not only because of the decline of spectrum scarcity, or the incapacity of(More)
The increasing diffusion of renewable energies which underlie significant daily and seasonal fluctuations increases grid operations' complexity. For the effective use of renewable energies, innovative information and communication technologies (ICT) and concepts are necessary to efficiently balance power generation and consumption. An ICT-based innovation(More)