Arnold P. Gold

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Various paraneoplastic autoantibodies have been linked to discrete neurologic syndromes and tumors in adults, but little is known about their incidence in children. We report a cross-sectional study of known paraneoplastic antibodies in 59 children with opsoclonus-myoclonus-ataxia, 86% of whom were moderately or severely symptomatic, and 68% of whom had(More)
Eight cases of persistent dystonia appearing one to 14 years after non-progressive cerebral insults are described. Five were due to perinatal anoxia, one to trauma, and two to cerebral infarction. This phenomemon of delayed-onset dystonia has not been described previously, although review of earlier literature reveals several probable examples.(More)
Eighteen cases of the Dandy-Walker syndrome are presented. The clinical manifestations are analyzed. Almost half of these children had associated congenital anomalies. Only four had the "characteristic" radiological findings. Direct surgical attack upon the cyst was not a successful form of treatment. Satisfactory treatment consisted of shunting of the(More)