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Various paraneoplastic autoantibodies have been linked to discrete neurologic syndromes and tumors in adults, but little is known about their incidence in children. We report a cross-sectional study of known paraneoplastic antibodies in 59 children with opsoclonus-myoclonus-ataxia, 86% of whom were moderately or severely symptomatic, and 68% of whom had(More)
Translocations between C-and D-group chromosomes are relatively uncommon. Only 4 cases of such a translocation have been reported up to now. In 2 of these, autoradiographic studies (Pitt et al., 1967; Bloom and Gerald, 1967) identified the missing D-group chromosome as a No. 14 and a No. 13, respectively. The present paper presents a case of C/15(More)
Eight cases of persistent dystonia appearing one to 14 years after non-progressive cerebral insults are described. Five were due to perinatal anoxia, one to trauma, and two to cerebral infarction. This phenomemon of delayed-onset dystonia has not been described previously, although review of earlier literature reveals several probable examples.(More)