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Acute Cerebellar Ataxia (ACA) is not infrequent disorder in childhood characterized by sudden onset of such cerebellar signs as truncal ataxia, dysmetria, tremors, nystagmus, and hypotonicity. Despite the suggestion in the literature that children who have suffered from ACA may continue to have neurological deficits, there have not been any attempts to(More)
We study a stochastic lead-time problem motivated by real world global shipping data. Replenishment quantities are generated by the Order-Up-To policy which aims to achieve a strategic availability target. We show that unlike the constant lead-time case, minimum safety stocks do not always lead to minimum costs under stochastic lead-times.
  • A Maltz
  • 1981
Seven autistic, 7 mentally retarded, and 11 normal children were matched for mental age according to the Arthur Adaptation of the Leiter International Performance Scale (AALIPS). On the basis of two constructs, concrete discrimination and formal discrimination, all of the tasks in the AALIPS were grouped into two indices and six scales. Group comparisons(More)
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