Arnold J. Greenfield

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A metal-tipped laser fibre was used during percutaneous angioplasty of femoral/popliteal or iliac artery occlusions in 56 patients. Primary success was achieved in 50 (89%) of these total occlusions, providing a channel for subsequent balloon dilatation. Before the procedure, 18 lesions had been judged untreatable by conventional angioplasty and four of the(More)
After growth in the absence of nitrogenous oxides under anaerobic phototrophic conditions, several strains of Rhodopseudomonas capsulata were shown to possess a nitrous oxide reductase activity. The enzyme responsible for this activity had a periplasmic location and resembled a nitrous oxide reductase purified from Pseudomonas perfectomarinus. Electron flow(More)
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