Arnold Goldberg

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The author considers the concept of enactment as a ubiquitous event that is best seen as part of a sequence in the process of understanding a patient. As such, enactments are not unusual or special save as they are often subject to disavowal or to being singled out by the analyst as especially subject to scrutiny. Once recognized, enactments need to be(More)
Primary Care practices in the United States are undergoing rapid transformation into Patient Centered Medical Homes (PCMHs), prompting a need to train resident physicians in this new model of primary care. However, few PCMH curricula are described or evaluated in the literature. We describe the development and implementation of an innovative, month-long,(More)
BACKGROUND The patient-centered medical home (PCMH) is an accepted framework for delivering high-quality primary care, prompting many residencies to transform their practices into PCMHs. Few studies have assessed the impact of these changes on residents' and faculty members' PCMH attitudes, knowledge, and skills. The family medicine program at Brown(More)
A chronic disease (e.g., diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke, hypertension, dementia, some cancers, rheumatological diseases, human immunodeficiency virus) can occur and cycle in flare ups throughout the lifetime. Chronic illnesses, with their effect on the patient’s symptoms, mood, and need for emotional and physical support, exert a burden on family(More)
Boundaries in psychoanalysis and psychotherapy can be considered either as indicators of moral transgressions or as guidelines for therapeutic intervention. This paper suggests that these categories be better delineated in the hope that less attention be paid to that of moral mistakes and more to that of treatment effectiveness.
Somewhere between the image of psychoanalysis as suggestion and psychoanalysis as unearthing is that of analysis as negotiation. This is a picture of a mutual construction of reality by analyst and patient. Such an interaction allows for reciprocal input of the participants and a possible change in both. This paper sketches the role of negotiation(More)