Arnold Fung

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OBJECTIVE To explore the differential outcome of schizophrenia in developed and developing countries. The 15-year outcome of patients with schizophrenia in Hong Kong is reported. METHOD In a 15-year retrospective outcome study, 100 patients with first-onset schizophrenia in 1977-1978 were randomly selected for outcome assessment from a pool of 797 patient(More)
An increasing number of students in a secondary convent girls school developed syncope attacks over a time course of about two months. Fourteen students who suffered from syncope and 12 other students from the same class with no symptoms were assessed by a team of psychologists and paediatricians with the aim of identifying the cause of the problem and to(More)
The implementation of a new clinical service is associated with anxiety and challenges that may prevent smooth and safe execution of the service. Unexpected issues may not be apparent until the actual clinical service commences. We present a novel approach to test the new clinical setting before actual implementation of our endovascular aortic repair(More)
Common approaches to implementing Grid schedulers usually rely directly on relatively low-level protocols and services, to benefit from better performances by having full control of file and network usage patterns. Following this approach, the schedulers are bound to particular network protocols, communication patterns and persistence layers. With the(More)
PURPOSE To promote the systematic development, interests, practice, research and clinical applications of health psychology in general hospitals in Hong Kong and the mainland of China. DATA SOURCES The targets and aims of therapeutic work with patients in pain, cancer patients, child and adolescent patients, patients with chronic illnesses, the elderly,(More)
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