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A whole-farm dairy model was developed and evaluated. The DairyWise model is an empirical model that simulated technical, environmental, and financial processes on a dairy farm. The central component is the FeedSupply model that balanced the herd requirements, as generated by the DairyHerd model, and the supply of homegrown feeds, as generated by the crop(More)
1 The problem: learnability of underlying structure All the various grammatical characteristics of adult grammar will eventually appear in child language. They will do so successively, and reveal a learnability hierarchy that holds for all primary learners of the language. As a matter of fact Brown (1973:313ff) showed how 13 grammatical morphemes of English(More)
  • JACQUELINE VAN KAMPEN, Sergio Baauw, +4 authors Marlies van der Velde
  • 2004
1. The claim The present paper will reconsider the acquisition of free anaphors in French. 1 Hamann et al. (1996) have pointed out that object clitics do not appear as easily in French child language as subject clitics. When the amount of object clitics is compared with the total amount of object phrases, there is delayed rise in the use of object clitics.(More)
The language acquisition procedure identifies certain properties of the target grammar before others. The evidence from the input is processed in a stepwise order. Section 1 equates that order and its typical effects with an order of parameter setting. The question is how the acquisition procedure derives the order from input evidence. Section 2 proposes a(More)
BACKGROUND As farmers do not often keep a record of the expenditures for rearing, an economic tool that provides insight into the cost of rearing is useful. In the Netherlands, an economic tool (Jonkos) has been developed that can be used by farmers to obtain insight into the cost of rearing on their farm. The first objective of this study is to calculate(More)
1 Input-controlled acquisition and locality This paper reaffirms that " Locality " is the major orientation in grammar (Emonds, 1985; Chomsky, 2001; among others). The universal locality restrictions in human grammar follow from the way language acquisition operates (cf. Wexler and Culicover, 1980). This is not meant as a particularly profound insight.(More)
Preferably, the properties of grammar can be derived from the following factors: (i) The primary linguistic data as they are offered to the child. (ii) A language acquisition procedure. Hopefully, the language acquisition procedure is compatible with plausible assumptions about the neural abilities of human beings, but that is of no immediate concern here.(More)