Arnold D. Gomez

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Displacement fields are important to analyze deformation, which is associated with functional and material tissue properties often used as indicators of health. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) techniques like DENSE and image registration methods like Hyperelastic Warping have been used to produce pixel-level deformation fields that are desirable in(More)
PURPOSE To seek a better understanding of the effect of organized capillary flow on the MR diffusion-weighted signal. METHODS A theoretical framework was proposed to describe the diffusion-weighted MR signal, which was then validated both numerically using a realistic model of capillary network and experimentally in an animal model of isolated perfused(More)
Magnetic resonance diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) has greatly facilitated detailed quantifications of myocardial structures. However, structural patterns, such as the distinctive transmural rotation of the fibers, remain incompletely described. To investigate the validity and practicality of pattern-based analysis, 3D DTI was performed on 13 fixed mouse(More)
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