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The co-authorship network of scientists represents a prototype of complex evolving networks. In addition, it offers one of the most extensive database to date on social networks. By mapping the electronic database containing all relevant journals in mathematics and neuro-science for an eight-year period (1991-98), we infer the dynamic and the structural(More)
We analyse growing networks ranging from collaboration graphs of scientists to the network of similarities defined among the various transcriptional profiles of living cells. For the explicit demonstration of the scale-free nature and hierarchical organization of these graphs, a deterministic construction is also used. We demonstrate the use of determining(More)
Nowadays flashes are commonly used in photography: they bring light and sharpness to images. It is very tempting to use flash lights in cinema, to take profit of controlled light as photographers may do. But using flashes with video recording is not as easy as in photography. Actually, flashes cause many temporal artifacts in video recordings, especially(More)
Vitis vinifera L. plants were grown in containers and each plant's single shoot was orientated upwards or downwards. Some plants were trained first upwards, then downwards, then again upwards (N-shaped plants). Vegetative growth was reduced in plants trained downwards compared to that in upward and N-shaped plants. Shoot growth rate slowed in downward shoot(More)
The benthic macrofauna of a tidal inlet in the northern Wadden Sea was sampled with grab and dredge in 1924–1926 (Hagmeier & Kändler, 1927), and again in 1985 and 1986. The comparison of surveys from consecutive years, as well as observations from an adjacent area, are employed to separate spurious from real long-term changes. Several epibenthic species of(More)
Flavour analysis of grape is a key step in quality evaluation. The Stir Bar Sorptive Extraction technique (SBSE, 'Twister'®) was used to assess varietal and pre-fermentative volatile accumulation in 'Nebbiolo' berries, from véraison to harvest. Grapes were collected in three vineyards, representing different 'crus' in the cultivation areas of Barolo,(More)
A VLSI implementation of the symmetric block cipher SAFER K-128 (Secure And Fast Encryption Routine with a Key length of 128 bits) is presented. Possibilities for optimization of the VLSI architecture are explained. The optimizations are based on algorithm specific properties and lead to considerable hardware reduction. The result is a reusable(More)
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