Arno R. Lodder

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Current research in developing negotiation support systems focuses upon argumentation, artificial intelligence and game theory. These techniques are rarely used in tandem. We argue that truly intelligent negotiation support systems require the integration of such techniques. In this paper we integrate the argumentation techniques of Lodder and the combined(More)
Nowadays the amount of legal texts necessary for the execution of legal tasks is growing rapidly. A well-known problem is the retrieval of the right text at the right moment. A solution to this management problem could be the use of knowledge management (KM). In this paper we claim that as part of KM, the development and application of legal ontologies with(More)
In recent years, impressive progress has been made in the development of logical tools for the modeling of legal argtm-tent. The focus has been primarily on the technical development of these tools, and only in the second place on their practical adequacy for modeling legal argument. Presently a convergence of opinions on the necessary logical tools takes(More)
This paper deals with a simple tool that we have developed to support the parties in online dispute resolution (ODR). The tool helps the participants to bring forward the statements of the dispute in a structured and concise way. After each added statement the online tool shows the structured layout of the statements. As an example, the tool has been(More)
This paper describes the experiments carried out in the context of the BEST-project, an interdisciplinary project with researchers from the Law faculty and the AI department of the VU University Amsterdam. The aim of the project is to provide laymen with information about their legal position in a liability case, based on retrieved case law. The process(More)