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A new 9,11-secosterol, 24-nor-9,11-seco-11-acetoxy-3 beta,6 alpha-dihydroxycholest-7,22(E)-dien-9-one, was found to exhibit growth inhibitory (IC50 below 10 microM) and cytotoxic activities against human leukemia K562, human cervical cancer HeLa, and Ehrlich ascites tumor cells in vitro. The cytostatic concentrations of the compound generally caused the(More)
The inhibitory potency of an antisense oligonucleotide depends critically on its design and the accessibility of its target site. Here, we used an RNA interference-guided approach to select antisense oligonucleotide target sites in the coding region of the highly structured hepatitis C virus (HCV) RNA genome. We modified the conventional design of an(More)
2',5'-oligoadenylate synthetases (OAS) as a component of mammalian interferon-induced antiviral enzymatic system catalyze the oligomerization of cellular ATP into 2',5'-linked oligoadenylates (2-5A). Though vertebrate OASs have been characterized as 2'-nucleotidyl transferases under in vitro conditions, the natural occurrence of 2',5'-oligonucleotides other(More)
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