Arno Olthoff

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OBJECTIVES To analyze characteristic features and details on motor-evoked potentials (MEPs) of the cricothyroid and vocalis muscles from single-pulse cortical transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) in normal subjects to characterize cortical motor representation of laryngeal muscles. STUDY DESIGN Prospective, experimental investigation on healthy(More)
BACKGROUND Verbal communication is a human feature and volitional vocalization is its basis. However, little is known regarding the cortical areas involved in human vocalization. METHODS Therefore, functional magnetic resonance imaging at 3 Tesla was performed in 16 healthy adults to evaluate brain activations related to voice production. The main(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess the merits of computer-aided voice analysis procedures for very irregular voices of patients after total and laser surgical partial laryngectomy, and to characterize qualitative differences in speech and voice function between these 2 groups of patients. DESIGN Cross-sectional study. SETTING University hospital in Göttingen, Germany(More)
The aim of this study was to assess the physiology of normal swallowing using recent advances in real-time magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Therefore ten young healthy subjects underwent real-time MRI and flexible endoscopic evaluations of swallowing (FEES) with thickened pineapple juice as oral contrast bolus. MRI movies were recorded in sagittal,(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess safety and feasibility of real-time (RT) MRI for evaluation of dysphagia and to compare this technique to standard assessment by flexible endoscopic evaluation of swallowing (FEES) and videofluoroscopy (VF) in a cohort of patients with inclusion body myositis (IBM). METHODS Using RT-MRI, FEES, and VF, an unselected cohort of 20(More)
The reduction in intraoral pressure during swallowing has previously been linked to bolus transport, although no such relation has yet been proven. The purpose of this work was to evaluate the time course of intraoral pressure during swallowing using simultaneous real-time magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and dynamic pressure recordings. Real-time MRI based(More)
The objective of this study was to improve the evaluation of unilateral vocal fold paralyses (uVFP) by means of an area measurement of the glottic plane, which describes the position of the paralysed vocal fold. The area measurements were related to electromyographic findings and clinical outcome (recovery, voice quality). In 56 patients (33 women and 23(More)
Swallowing disturbances are common after neurological disease and oropharyngeal tumor resection. In this case the oral stage is often affected. So far the clinical evaluation of the oral phase is limited. Recently the role of pressure changes during oropharyngeal swallowing has been pointed out, but until now there are not enough data. Thereby 52 healthy(More)
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