Arno M. M. Muijtjens

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We designed an e-learning model to promote critical thinking about basic science topics in online communities of students during work placements in higher education. To determine the effectiveness and efficiency of the model we explored the online discussions in two case studies. We evaluated the quantity of the interactions by looking at quantitative data(More)
Cardiac tagging permits non-invasive study of myocardial motion with high accuracy. Unfortunately, tagging contrast is impaired at later heart phases due to longitudinal relaxation. Histogram modification is presented as a method for improving contrast in later, faded images of a tagging series by altering these images such that their intensity histograms(More)
Traditional psychometric approaches towards assessment tend to focus exclusively on quantitative properties of assessment outcomes. This may limit more meaningful educational approaches towards workplace-based assessment (WBA). Cognition-based models of WBA argue that assessment outcomes are determined by cognitive processes by raters which are very similar(More)
BACKGROUND Incident reporting systems (IRS) are used to identify medical errors in order to learn from mistakes and improve patient safety in hospitals. However, IRS contain only a small fraction of occurring incidents. A more comprehensive overview of medical error in hospitals may be obtained by combining information from multiple sources. The WHO has(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the construct validity of the URO Mentor (Simbionix Corp., Cleveland, OH, USA) virtual reality training model for several variables of skills training in cysto-urethroscopy, addressing two research questions: (i) Does training on the URO Mentor significantly improve novices' performance in terms of time, trauma, areas inspected and(More)
BACKGROUND Visual expertise relies on perceptive as well as cognitive processes. At present, knowledge of these processes when diagnosing clinical cases mainly stems from studies with still pictures. In contrast, patient video cases constitute a dynamic diagnostic challenge that may simulate seeing and diagnosing a patient in person. AIMS This study(More)
Motion and deformation of an object may be quantified by following attached markers in video or cine frame sequences. When recording cardiac motion by video (256 x 256 pixels, 50 Hz), generally no more than approximately 20 markers can be followed due to difficulties in proper identification of marker images. In the present study we developed the lower rank(More)
Weaknesses in the nature of rater judgments are generally considered to compromise the utility of workplace-based assessment (WBA). In order to gain insight into the underpinnings of rater behaviours, we investigated how raters form impressions of and make judgments on trainee performance. Using theoretical frameworks of social cognition and person(More)
The drive to quality-manage medical education has created a need for valid measurement instruments. Validity evidence includes the theoretical and contextual origin of items, choice of response processes, internal structure, and interrelationship of a measure's variables. This research set out to explore the validity and potential utility of an 11-item(More)