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The development and the differentiation of the ventricular system of the brain of tadpoles of the South African Clawed Toad, Xenopus laevis (Daudin), is studied by light microscopy (stages 45 to 66) and scanning and transmission electron microscopy (stages 50 to 66). Special interest is paid to the ependymal structures of the foramen of Monroe, the(More)
This case study describes the development of a method package for evaluating in-car HMIs holistically. The goal is to provide a toolbox that is easy to replicate and allows evaluators to identify the effects of the system usage on the drivers' state. Additionally it aims at finding interface flaws that cause distraction and negative experiences. We applied(More)
The distraction potential of communication systems in the automotive context necessitates hands-free and attention undemanding systems. Today's hands-free car kits are of increasingly high quality, since bad audio quality can negatively impact the overall communication quality. Most solutions use built-in speakers for output and a microphone near the driver(More)
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