Arno Kamphuis

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Virtual environment are often populated with moving units and the paths for these units should be planned. When multiple units need to exhibit coherent behavior in a cluttered environment, current techniques often fail, i.e. the resulting paths for the units in the group lack the coherence required. In this paper, we propose a novel approach to motion(More)
Navigation plays an important role in many modern computer games. Currently the motion of entities is often planned using a combination of scripting, grid-search methods, local reactive methods and flocking. In this paper we describe a novel approach , based on a technique originating from robotics, that computes a roadmap of smooth, collision-free(More)
A central problem in games is planning high-quality paths for characters avoiding obstacles in the environment. Current games require a path planner that is fast (to ensure real-time interaction) and flexible (to avoid local hazards). In addition, a path needs to be natural, meaning that the path is smooth, short, keeps some clearance to obstacles, avoids(More)
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