Arno Eichberger

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The aim of this study is to validate the pressure effect theory on human beings during a realistic rear-end impact and to correlate the neck injury criterion to pressure in the spinal canal. Sled experiments were performed using a test setup similar to real rear-end collisions. Test conditions were chosen based on accident statistics and recordings of real(More)
Automated vehicles require information on the current road condition, i.e. the tire-road friction coefficient (&#x03BC;<sub>max</sub>) for trajectory planning and braking or steering interventions. Recursive Total Least Squares (RTLS) is used to estimate &#x03BC;<sub>max</sub> only utilizing the information from Electric Power System (EPS) and other sensors(More)
This study proposes a drowsiness detection approach based on the combination of several different detection methods, with robustness to the input signal loss. Hence, if one of the methods fails for any reason, the whole system continues to work properly. To choose correct combination of the available methods and to utilize the benefits of methods of(More)
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