Arno Duvenhage

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From questioning 16,939 South African pupils of 16-18 years, in 56 high schools, mean prevalences of appendicectomies in representative segments of ethnic groups were found to be: rural Blacks 0.6%; urban Blacks 0.7%; Indians, 2.9%; Coloureds (Eur-African-Malay), 1.7%; Whites, 10.5%. Percentages in the sexes were similar. Only those of Indian and Coloured(More)
Tonsillectomy prevalences, using questionnaires, were determined on series of school pupils (total number 10,271), aged 16-18 years, in four South African ethnic groups. Prevalence were, approximately: rural Blacks 2%, urban Blacks 3%, Indians 8%, Coloureds (Eur-African-Malay) 9% and Whites 44%. The inter-ethnic profile of differences is similar to the(More)
The increased use of simulations during live air defense exercises requires interoperability between different Command and Control (C2) systems and simulators. By accepting air picture or sensor tracks from each other, C2 systems and simulators can react to or engage targets between live and simulated worlds in various ways. State estimation of live(More)
DMFT scores, total sugar intakes and snacks habits were determined in 1918 South African Black pupils (923 rural, 995 urban) and 724 White pupils (English and Afrikaans speaking) aged 16-18 years inclusive. Mean DMFT scores of school groups of Black pupils (both sexes) ranged from 0.9 and 2.0 in rural areas, to 4.2-6.7 in urban areas (where data were far(More)
Some progress has recently been made on migrating an existing distributed parallel discrete time simulator to a quantised discrete event architecture. The migration is done to increase the scale of the real-time simulations supported by the simulator. This however requires that the existing discrete time models be modified to work within the quantised(More)
Modelling and simulation can be applied to support Joint Command and Control which involves the interoperability of network-centric systems as well as legacy command and control systems. It is assumed that software will always be the glue between these systems and that a capability is required to demonstrate, support and evaluate interoperability. This(More)
Phlyctinus callosus (Boheman) (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) is a pest of major phytosanitary concern for some of South Africa's biggest export markets such as the United States and Europe because this pest does not occur there. At present, fumigation with methyl bromide is the only postharvest disinfestation treatment against this pest; therefore, sustainable(More)
Studies on housewives and other groups in Western populations have revealed: (i) a generally high level of claimed or "perceived' knowledge of nutrition; (ii) a much lower level of accurate knowledge; and (iii) an often unsatisfactory application of correct knowledge. Since little is known of knowledge of nutrition in South African populations. White,(More)
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